Why can you trust TechnoGuard?

  • We employ the right skill set to the task that needs to be performed
  • Unmatched professionalism
  • We adapt to each client’s protocol and procedures for access and security

Brian Fanning, President: “During the late 90’s I worked within the Nasdaq Stock Market Data Center and realized that the folks performing work in my Mission Critical facility were treating it like a construction site and were oblivious to what the mass quantities of servers were even doing or how catastrophic it would be if they went down. Because it is so critical for vendors supporting the Nasdaq Data Center – and all Mission Critical facilities – to be focused and knowledgeable, I decided to start TechnoGuard. Our philosophy – to exceed customer expectations from our people to our products to our unparalleled execution of all TechnoGuard lines of service– has remained unchanged since our inception in 2000.”