TechnoGuard’s BlueMamba® Expanding Gap Sealer

The BlueMamba® Story

BlueMamba® was developed for the sole purpose of stopping air leakage between the server cabinets to keep the supply and return air from mixing. This allows the servers to capture more cold air therefore helping the facility operate more efficiently.

Exhaust air circulation continues to pose a significant threat to the Data Center environment by reducing energy efficiency, causing higher operating expenses and increasing IT equipment intake temperatures

Our patent pending expanding gap sealer provides a quick, easy and cost-effective solution to decrease unwanted air circulation between intakes and exhaust. BlueMamba™ helps to prevent short-cycling at the server cabinet level, hotspots, wasted cooling capacity and IT equipment shutdown.

How it Works

BlueMamba® comes in a variety of sizes and can be manufactured to customized specifications as requested. Assembled in-house in our Sterling, Virginia facility, BlueMamba® is designed to be installed in gaps as small as 3/8 in. Once in place the product is activated and will expand to fill undesired voids in between and under server cabinets.

BlueMamba Features & Benefits

  • Seals Undesirable Gaps
  • Helps Prevent Mixing of Hot and Cold Air
  • Lowers Operating Expenses
  • Easy Installation
  • Cost Effective Gap Sealing Solution
  • Prerequisite for hot aisle/cold aisle best practices