Ceiling Plenum Decontamination

We Care for Sensitive Equipment No Matter Where it Hides.

Just beyond the ceiling tiles of a Data Center lies the return plenum critical for capture of the warm air that is emitted from servers. CRAC units take in this warm air, cool it and recirculate it throughout your Data Center. Problems arise when the return plenum is contaminated with dust, dirt and other particulate that can interfere with CRAC unit effectiveness and similarly sensitive equipment. At TechnoGuard, we recommend regular maintenance of the return plenum in order to prevent the decrease of cooling efficiency of your Data Center cooling system and associated increased cooling costs as well as to prevent costly repairs before they become necessary. We’ve created safety procedures for accessing ceilings to remove debris, and we’ll thoroughly clean your return plenums without disruption to your workday.

Proper maintenance prevents costly repairs. Contact TechnoGuard today.