Data Center Cleaning

Meticulous Maintenance of your Mission Critical Environments.

Contaminants within your Data Center limit airflow that allows for cooling of equipment and lead to corrosion damage, overheating as well as electrical and mechanical failure. TechnoGuard uses only exceptional products and industry-proven procedures to ensure your IT facilities meet and exceed ISO 14644-1 Class 8 standards for cleanliness measurement as well as insurance audit requirements. Our services improve aesthetics, prevent equipment failure extend IT equipment life and improve the dependability of your hardware while enhancing performance and reducing PUE, which means you save on energy expenditures. We’ll also decrease faulty fire suppression discharges to improve safety. Most importantly, we’ll give you the peace of mind of knowing your Data Center is optimally maintained.

TechnoGuard’s Expert Data Center Cleaning Services include:

  • External and Internal Equipment Cleaning
  • CRAC/CRAH Detail Cleaning
  • Sub Floor Plenum Decontamination
  • Ceiling Plenum Decontamination
  • Mechanical & Electrical Room Decontamination
  • De-Energized Electrical Equipment Detail Cleaning
  • Generator/Enclosure Decontamination
  • Premium Floor Sealants and Finishes
  • Airborne Particulate Counting

Post Construction Cleaning

TechnoGuard also executes post-construction Data Center cleaning. Construction dust and debris can wreak havoc on the expensive equipment that is to be installed within your new high tech Data Center. Cleaning crews will clear most of it, but they are not skilled in the particulars of extracting dirt and contaminants from subfloor plenums, HPL RAF systems, IT racks, server cabinets, air handlers, ceiling plenums as well as mechanical, electrical and IT equipment. We are.

We boast 20 years of experience meticulously cleaning and maintaining IT facilities. We have the expert knowledge, advanced tools and resources necessary for removing dust without disturbing sensitive equipment and cables. No matter how challenging the project or critical the environment, we will safely and thoroughly clean your facility while providing exceptional customer care.

Our mangers oversee every project, creating site specific procedures and setting target goals considerate of timetables for equipment delivery, load bank testing and walkthroughs. We’ll make sure your Data Center is in pristine condition by each deadline and within budget.

TechnoGuard’s industry reputation is unparalleled. We’ve worked on projects of every size and scope, and collaborated with companies prior, during and after construction. When you call us, the cleanliness of your Data Center is in expert hands.

Don’t let dust get in the way of your data. Contact TechnoGuard today.