Subfloor Plenum Decontamination

To Keep Your Data Center in Top Shape, We Clean Underneath.

Since subfloors are not visible, contamination will often go undetected until a serious problem arises. That’s why it’s particularly critical that they be properly maintained. TechnoGuard professionals will carefully and systematically remove tiles to access the subfloor plenum while maintaining pressurized airflow. We utilize advanced HEPA filtration vacuums to extract dirt and debris. Our Technicians will also check for water leaks, rodents, glycol drips, structural deficiencies and other harmful issues and conditions. TechnoGuard Technicians are trained to work meticulously around any conduits and cables, all of which are hand-wiped. This type of preventive maintenance ensures your Data Center continues to function at optimal levels.

A little maintenance can go a long way. Contact TechnoGuard today.